1864 - h.h. culver and two of his brothers work as travelling salesmen marketing cook stoves to farmers. 1873 - frequent complaints of breakage compel culvers to leave the cast iron stove business. 1930s - wirco;s home comfort line of wood and coal-fired ranges enjoys popularity on up through the 1930s.
Home Comfort 1864 Wood Cook Stove  
I bought a muscogee wood cook stove and need information about it i can find it . how to go about fixing the top of a 1864 home comfort wood/coal cookstove.

april 24

15 aug 2012 home comfort model a1 cast iron cookstove. the wood-fired stove has double -door warming ovens on its top with a vent pipe at center.  

  Heating with wood. the basics of using a woodstove to heat your home. billie , surely you aren;t serious about wanting a wood cookstove. have you any idea.
3 mar 2014 presenting, “the cobble” an 1864 italianate victorian mansion in gaysville, vermont. and a we have a vermont castings wood stove to set the mood and comfy seating. . chair, and a futon, which opens to a very comfortable full size bed. with the family or friends, while enjoying a home cooked meal.
Thy sympathy with the oppressed and suffering, of this, our adopted home, . sir, the suffering for want of comfortable dwellings, clothing, food, &c., cannot well be .. over the cooking stove, preparing some eatables for the hungry emigrant, . we undertook to count the graves, all of which are without any stone or wood, .

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Best Blocked Shot Ever? (0:20)
Fishing Pole Shot w Dude Perfect - Globetrotter Nation HORSE (3:01)
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